and the Awards Go to....

2015 was the first year we acknowledged award recipients. 

 The winners were:

The Red Sox and Mamava

US Senators Shaheen and Ayotte

NH Senators Martha Fuller Clark and Jeb Bradley

The NH Women's Foundation and NH Citizens Alliance

Major League Breastfeeding Award

The Red Sox and Mamava

The Red Sox put in a Mamava Lactation Station for pumping and breastfeeding at Fenway Park and have their family viewing area, called Wally's Clubhouse, which makes it easier for fans to enjoy the game with their families.  

The Sox support breastfeeding in public, but know that sometimes a quiet distraction-free place is needed.  

When the Sox heard they were being honored with the award, they treated 14 of us to an amazing game with seats right behind third and home!!! They received several children's books for the Sox to read to kids, donated by Harvest Gold.

Mamava - Mother on the Go!

Pictured above, Sascha Mayer holding the award, and Christine Dodson, Founders of Mamava at their new showroom in Burlington, VT.  

Mamava was recognized for their work in USA Today for putting in a Lactation Room before security check points at the Burlington, VT International Airport and a Lactation Pod after security. Christine spoke at our Big Latch On event in Concord. They are featured in our 2nd Public Service Announcement.  

Federal Level Legislative Awards

US Senator Shaheen & US Senator Kelly Ayotte

for co-sponsoring the Pregnant Worker's Fairness Act and supporting breastfeeding and other workplace legislation.  

Pictured Above: US Senator Shaheen 2nd from the Right, next to Terri Norelli far right, at the NH Women's Foundation, June 5, 2015.  

  • Senator Shaheen invited me to learn more about the Pregnant Worker's Fairness Act after we invited her to a "Baby Shower" for the bill.
  • She also asked to meet with me privately before hand to learn more about our work.
  • Senator Shaheen sent a representative from her office to speak at the Big Latch On - 2015.  

The Concord Monitor reported on the PWFA and our meet.  

Pictured above, Devon Frederick with US Senator Kelly Ayotte and Kate Frederick. Littletlon, NH Town Hall, Augutst 2014.

  • US Senator Kelly Ayotte has been supporting our work since 2013 when we met at her Jackson, NH Town Hall. I asked her for advice as a breastfeeding mother in the workforce and she said she's never been asked that question before - but she's a big fan of breastfeeding and all the medical research and the benefits - she breastfed at work when she was the Attorney General for NH!!!
  • She sat with us and chatted while I breastfed Devon and
  • assigned a case worker to us from her office to track our lawsuit and our advocacy work.
  • The following year, at her town hall in Littleton, NH Ayotte we commented on Ayotte's work to support legislation to better enforce equal pay, to battle sexual assault on college campuses, and that she passed a resolution naming September National Ovarian Cancer month. (Breastfeeding can help reduce risks of breast and ovarian cancer.) She also supported flexible workplace scheduling.
  • Her response was to honored us with recognition for our work on the state level, which she had been tracking since we met!
  • At the SCOTUS Young v UPS rally for pregnancy rights, Ayotte agreed to meet with me in D.C. (although I was unable to make the meeting,) and we later spoke on the phone to ask her to co-sponsor the Pregnant Worker's Fairness Act. She was the first Republican to do so.
  • Senator Ayotte sent a representative from her office to speak at the Big Latch On - 2015.  

Caveat: we have different opinions on other matters such as gun control laws, but have found Senator Ayotte to be one of our biggest supporters and vice versa. 

NH State Legislative Awards

NH Senator Martha Fuller Clark and NH Senator Jeb Bradley

Pictured above: NH Senator Martha Fuller Clark, middle at the Concord, NH Global Big Latch On, 2015. Senator Fuller Clark is the Prime Sponsor of NH Senate Bill - 219. 

NH Senator Martha Fuller Clark is simply AMAZING!!! We first met her, without knowing who she was, at a hearing from HB 1571 - relative to breastfeeding. She handed me an article I was unaware of about the bill. After 1571 was tabled our strategic team suggested her as the Prime Sponsor for a new breastfeeding bill and she accepted! Since then, she has hugged me when I was crying and supported us at every turn. She is an inspiration and a model of diplomacy. Senator Fuller Clark was the Prime Sponsor of the current NH Breastfeeding law, signed into being by then Governor Shaheen.  

Senator, Majority Leader and Former US Congressman, Jeb Bradley, just left of middle, co-sponsored NH Senate Bill 219 and served as a strategic advisor to the breastfeeding coalition. Father of 4 breastfed children, all home birthed.  

Our friends at International Mountain Equipment recommended we call Jeb about the breastfeeding bill. We did, we voted for him and he has co-sponsored SB 219.

Senator Bradley spoke at the Concord Big Latch On and received his award at International Mountain Equipment in North Conway, NH. IME also supports breastfeeding and pumping families and has installed a community lactation room.  

Pictured above: Devon Frederick, Rick and Celia Wilcox, Kate and Brad Frederick, with NH Senator Jeb Bradley.  

NH Advocacy and Education Organization

The NH Women's Foundation and NH Citizens Alliance

for their work with legislation, education and outreach for supporting breastfeeding rights.  

The NH Women's Foundation asked us to help create a survey with breastfeeding questions for research on family friendly workplaces and offered testimony for NH SB 219 . The Foundation's Terri Norelli was the Master of Ceremonies as the 2015 Big Latch On.  

Click here to see NH 1 News video, pictured above, of press conference at Concord, NH Big Latch On - 2015

Kary Jencks with the NH Citizens Alliance for Action has been with us since the very beginning of this legislative effort. She came to testify for HB 1571 as a mother, then later representing her organization. She has mentored us and helped suggest language for SB 219. She even hired us to help with events, such as the Progressive Summit. Kary introduced me to her Board and provided moral support when I asked Senator Kelly Ayotte to be the first Republican co-sponsor of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. Kary has been on almost every media interview with us.