The Breastfeeding Rights Coalition

& The Rustik Baby Project

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President, Kate Frederick

Vice President - Kary Jencks

Board of Directors: Emily Perro, Sophie Currier


Our mission is to advocate for pregnancy and breastfeeding rights and accommodations in public places and the workplace. We believe that legislation and enforcement measures are necessary to counter lactation discrimination. 

  • Through cultivating diplomatic relationships with community partners, we seek to form alliances and employ accountability to generate better lactation accommodations that go beyond legislative mandates and to
  • support those families who have experienced pregnancy and lactation discrimination, with networking and technical assistance.

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Breastfeeding a child does not constitute an act of indecent exposure and to restrict or limit the right of a mother to breastfeed her child is discriminatory.

Report Discrimination to:

NH Breastfeeding Rights Coalition/Rustik Baby Project 603.630.6382 &

the NH Commission for Human Rights (603) 271-2767

Call 911 if you feel unsafe and/or threatened.   

This License can be edited for use in any state!  

Along with a few other mothers, babies, families, legislators and breastfeeding professionals, Rustik Baby has formed a breastfeeding coalition - consisting of:

  • breastfeeding mothers and their nurslings (yes your baby will have his/her own membership card, like Devon's above. Choose your own photo.)
  • business owners
  • health professionals
  • legislators and lobbyists
  • educators
  • daycare providers
  • folks in the community who care about breastfeeding, etc.  

It's based in the Upper Valley near Hanover, NH, but is open and inclusive statewide and nationwide.   

We also follow the well-established guidelines of the United States Breastfeeding Committee.


The NH BREASTFEEDING RIGHTS COALITION is the biggest and most inclusive breastfeeding coalition in NH. It consists of our members, plus honorary free memberships to all the members of the

  •  New Hampshire Breastfeeding Taskforce and the
  • Monadnock Region’s Community Coalition for the Promotion of Breastfeeding
  • any other breastfeeding coalition in the nation
  • any student

We've formed this coalition for as long as it takes to get better legislation passed.  


We sometimes work with a variety of 5013c status non-profits if you would like to make a donation. We however, are not an IRS qualified non-profit as our work is almost entirely pro-bono. Our fundraising is by donations. 

See questions below for more info.

Question: From Maureen Thiebault, : [email protected]

"...For clarity, the Task Force is a NH nonprofit exempt from federal income taxation through 501c3, and subject to IRS lobbying limitations. So, we need to be careful to make sure that we comply with those limitations...Because of our own limitations of having 501c3 status..."


The NH Breastfeeding Rights Coalition extends honorary memberships to individuals who are members of other breastfeeding and related coalitions. It is up to the individual to decide to join our coalition. 

When a member of our coalition is engaging in advocacy, education, outreach and lobbying activities, it does not in any way relate to their memberships in other organizations. 

Some of the benefits of joining our coalition is that our pro-active activities are not restricted, as they may be with other organizations. We continue to be inclusive, collaborative and welcoming to breastfeeding allies. We sure do appreciate your support in getting breastfeeding legislation passed in NH. Let's continue to work together and get'er done!! 

For additional information about 501c3 organizations, do's and don'ts, I suggest reviewing a training I attended, hosted by the USBC. See below.

2014-07-16: Advocacy and Lobbying for Nonprofits

Topic: Coalitions Power Tools Webinars Owner: USBC Coalitions Staff Date: 2015-03-23 Subtopic: 003 Advocacy and Lobbying for Nonprofits

One of the most high-impact ways that breastfeeding coalitions can influence the "Landscape of Breastfeeding Support" is through legislation and policy change. Contrary to popular belief: nonprofits CAN lobby! This third webinar in the "Power Tools for Breastfeeding Coalitions" series will cover the principles and best practices nonprofits need to know to stay within the IRS lobbying parameters (just in time for National Breastfeeding Month activities in August).

Along with our Membership Card and NH Breastfeeding License, we also have links to Breastfeeding Friendly Signs other people have used for businesses, shops, doctor's offices, etc.

Just click on the image to see how made the signs.

Do you have a paid maternity leave? Paid paternity leave? An optional private place for breastfeeding, as well as, encouraging public breastfeeding? Are you interested in babies in the workplace for your employees? Have you posted the NH and Federal Breastfeeding Laws? These are some points to think about, and something our coalition is working on.