Sample Workplace Policy for Nursing Mothers

In compliance with federal and state laws (name state and list law) which both

  • promote lactation accommodations for employees and
  • provide anti-discrimination rights

it is our policy to provide reasonable break time, either paid or unpaid, and a private space to breastfeed or express milk by alternative method with a breastpump, during scheduled work hours for as long as the employee is lactating. We support our lactating employees to maintain their milk supply and comfort.

We are an equal employment opportunity employer and follow the EEOC Enforcement Guidance Related to pregnancy and related issues, which references laws such as the FLSA, Title VII & the PDA.

The employer and the employee will individualize a written plan to detail lactation break times, whether they are paid or unpaid and a designated space, either on or off site. 

For questions about this policy, please contact Human Resources or a Supervisor. 

For questions about your rights, you can contact The Human Rights Commission, the US and or State Department of Labor. For additional resources regarding breastfeeding support, you can contact your local breastfeeding support group or state breastfeeding coalition.